The VelDon databank is for requesting test training results

User Instruction

The Veldon DATA database contains data from clients. These are as coded as possible. The user is advised that he / she should handle this material carefully. The material may not be distributed, used or acquired without the prior written consent of Veldon, other than for its own use. In addition, the user must keep the login data and resources issued to him or her for access to the Veldon DATA database secret or cautiously managed. When the user detects irregularities in the use or content, the user is kindly requested to report this by email to:

Registration VelDon DATA database

The use of the VelDon DATA database is registered and is reserved for authorized users. The terms of use of the VelDon DATA database are generally laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP) and the Medical Treatment Act (WGBO) Act and have been specifically developed in the User Instruction of the Veldon DATA Database. This user instruction can be found on the VelDon website.


his information system has been developed for use in customer care and research. We have made a lot of effort in realizing the correct functioning of the information system. Nevertheless, Veldon accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever regarding the information presented in this information system. This disclaimer is not intended to limit Veldon's liability in contravention of any obligations stipulated in applicable law or exclusion from liability for matters that may not be excluded under current legislation.